Bathroom Refurbishment – Expert Tips for Getting Bathroom Remodelling Right

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Bathroom Refurbishment – Expert Tips for Getting Bathroom Remodelling Right

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. Hence, every aspect of a full bathroom refurbishment process, from plumbing and layout to the kind of sanitary ware to be used, needs to be analysed and planned in advance. As bathroom refurbishment specialists, we are often tasked with complete bathroom remodelling jobs, some of which are straightforward while others are extremely tricky. Our certified team of engineers and professionals follow the same diligent process for remodelling, regardless of the scale. From providing multiple layout options and reworking the pipes and drainage systems to ensuring you get your dream bathroom right down to the finishing touches, we will take care of everything from start to finish.

The Importance of Sanitaryware Layout

Ideally, the position of the sanitaryware should be left as it is if you wish to complete your bathroom renovation within a certain budget. This is because repositioning the basins, baths, showers, or toilets will require reconnection with the soil stack, which will carry all the wastewater and soil to the underground drainage system. Where a repositioning of the sanitaryware is unavoidable, all efforts should be made to keep them as close to the soil pipe as possible. Also, select your desired sink, toilet, taps, bath, and shower before the plastering and tiling work, as all the plumbing work will need to be completed first.

Plumbing and Pipework

Many of the new toilet systems such as the low-flow toilets are more efficient in saving water during flushing, as compared to their older counterparts. This is because they use flexible PVC or PEX pipe systems instead of the traditional cast iron or metal ones. The good news is, these PVC and PEX pipe systems are inexpensive and relatively easy to install, hence making them the preferred choice when redoing toilets. Depending on your preference, we also advise on concealing the plumbing and pipework, so the bathroom looks minimalist and aesthetically pleasing.

Bath or Shower?

Depending on the size and the existing layout of your bathroom, we can install a new bath or shower as per your preference. Having the right space is important when going for bath installations, as bathtubs will require setting up a frame to enclose them safely. Depending on the type of bath you choose (single-ended, corner, or free-standing), they will need to be installed prior to or after tiling work to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. It is also important to use the right materials such as mould resistant silicon seals and clips to prevent water from seeping out from the bathtub.

In case of shower installations, you can choose from a variety of different options such as electric showers, mixer showers, power showers, digital showers, etc., based on your needs. However, the type of shower that can be accommodated in your bathroom will depend on your boiler, existing water pressure in the house, and the prospect of installing an electric point in the shower area. Our plumbers and electricians can make a thorough assessment of your bathroom and advise the most suitable option.

There are numerous other factors that need to be taken care of when conducting a full bathroom refurbishment. Give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to assist you with any queries. If you are looking for expert bathroom remodelling specialists in Towcester, Milton Keynes, or Northampton, contact Flatley Heating and we will provide the most competitive quote, followed by the best bathroom installation services for your home or office.

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