Thinking of Replacing Your Boiler? Here’s Why Summer is the Best Time to Change It

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Thinking of Replacing Your Boiler? Here’s Why Summer is the Best Time to Change It

Imagine being left without hot water and heating in the chilly, winter months, even for a few hours? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? While a faulty boiler problem should be addressed immediately regardless of the ongoing season, regular boiler replacement should preferably be carried out during the summer months when the need for hot water and heating in the house is comparatively less. Being one of the leading boiler replacement companies in Towcester, Milton Keynes, and Northampton, we are often contacted by distressed customers wanting to replace or repair their boilers during the winter seasons, when there is a heavy reliance on boilers for keeping the house or office warm and cosy.  This is why we advise customers to take advantage of the summer months if they are looking to change their boilers, well before the arrival of cold weather.

Summers are Less Busy, More Manageable

Since boiler replacement generally takes anywhere between 1-3 days, summer is the best time to make a change, as you can comfortably go without needing it for a few days. Moreover, replacing the boiler in summer will also prevent the pipes in your home from freezing, which is a very real possibility during winter. Engineers will likely be able to offer flexible visiting schedules during summer, as winters tend to get busier for them.

Opportunity to Choose the Best Boiler to Suit Your Requirements

Another advantage of replacing your boiler in summer is that you will be able to take a reasonable amount of time to choose the best option to suit your needs and budget. Unfortunately, boiler breakdowns in winter need to be taken care of immediately and hence, often end up costing more as you have to go with the most suitable option available at the time.  Majority of the new boilers provide higher efficiency which can reduce your energy bills in winter when their usage is maximum.

Best Solution to Cut Your Energy Costs

However, there are a number of issues that can crop up anytime of the year, which would require an immediate boiler replacement. The average age of a boiler is 10-15 years, after which, it is advisable to change your boiler, even if there are no apparent problems. Boiler efficiency decreases over time which leads to higher energy bills, and only replacement will help you cut down these costs.

Some other indicators of boiler malfunction which would suggest a need for change are as follows.

  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Noisy radiators and boilers
  • Change in colour of the flame from blue to yellow
  • Leaks or smells
  • Change in intensity of heating

Regardless of the type of boiler problem, the friendly team of GAS SAFE engineers at Flatley Heating will always be ready to help you during distressing times. Just get in touch with us and we will provide the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for all your boiler troubles.

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